Choreobot —-> questions about creativity in aesthetics, pedagogy, and technique.
Somatics —-> Alexander Technique, Release Technique, and Improvisation yielded much deeper connectedness in the body than any other movement class
Awareness —-> among communities that being graded by comparison rather than by work interfered with the depth of connectedness and expression.

Rules: subjective
My rule: translation.


80’s nights, Super Mario Brothers.
An academic positioning of The VICKi Project:

– Hanya Holm

– Merce Cunningham

– Alwin Nikolais

– Gladys Bailin

Holm trained through improvisation. In Bailin’s comp class, the Holm legacy manifested through use of improvisation to devise material for choreography and work on performance clarity. Bailin also danced for Nikolais, thus Bailin’s composition courses were Nikolais based. I studied dance composition under Michelle Geller, a Cunningham dancer. In Geller’s comp class we used chance procedures to devise material for choreographing and to make choreographic decisions. VICKi focuses improvisation-composition based technique through chance-esque procedures.