Artist words

    Choose an occupation, choose a recreation, there is an ideological battle – “fictional worlds” struggling for dominion of the “real” world.

We are social, political, cultural, and economic rhetoric.

  • Why did Nikolais collapse the boundary between theater, motion, and dance?
  • …Pina Bausche counter postmodernity with expressionist tanztheater?
  • …Cunningham make dance without narrative?
  • …people dance as liesure? as battle?
  • Games are as serious as war or leisure, depending.

      “to play a video game is therefore to interact with real rules while imagining a fictional world…” (1, Juul, half-real)

    “we have to start making the real world more like a game.” Jane McGonigal

    These ideas frame my interrogation
    of hierarchies of art making.

    and identity in/of/and the order of human rights.

  • The VICKi Project takes a “systems theory” worldview with a gamer disposition as a springboard into interactive performance pedagogy. The agenda is to address the gap in teaching interactive performance skills, and to instantiate the vision (following Jane McGonigal, Dr. Stuart Brown, Jesse Schell, and a host of others) of games as a means to a better world.