TO INVITE (sub)culturally diverse practices into dance scholarship

TO ENABLE agency to co-author the body-mind- ecology

TO BRIDGE divergent dance perspectives

EVOLVE diverse expressions of dance philosophy

VICKi’s Interactive Technique 2.0 is experimental, subject-centered, creative- and discovery-based learning of interactive performance techniques.

Ideas map our experience of dance, and beliefs drive it. I am powerful one week, fluid the next. Each technique colors my experience of movement anew, my dancing identity.


The VICKi Project’s diy model of technique subverts consumerist education models, encouraging agency in authoring the body, and prioritizing respect for diverse individuals, experimentation, play, discovery, and sharing. EMPOWERING PEOPLE to create, not just replicate.



Ramon Gallegos Nava: “The mission of eco-education is to help students to learn to learn, so that they can establish a responsible relationship with the natural world, with the social world, and with themselves.” (p. 104, Pedagogy of Universal Love).



2 thoughts on “Mission

  1. They do everything possible to shackle us to things. The consumption-driven demands of a capitalist system ignore the organic elements of life on this planet. The legal requirements that corporations maximize profits for investors do not consider the harm that occurs in the relentless drive to increase financial wealth. When every resource, human and natural, is treated as a tool in the service of material acquisition, the true value of each is diminished.

    You say it’s money that you need
    As if we’re only mouths to feed
    —The Arcade Fire, “Intervention”

    Our economic and political systems, whatever advantages they offer us, sell freedom with a hidden price: an expectation that we become passive observers to the exercise of real power. The wealthy believe we should participate economically but not politically, that we should channel our energies—our ability to influence the forces that shape our lives—into the purchase of things that give us the illusion of control.
    So we seek bigger houses/vehicles/ TVs and smaller computers/cell phones, lots of gadgets we can manipulate at will. And not surprisingly, our focus on diversions further isolates us, physically and psychologically, from others.


  2. just some random free thinking

    To dance is not an intellectual act that requires study. One can be a scholar of dance and look at all of its intricate building blocks and histories, make them mysterious and house them in an academy. Once in the academy it is attacked by academe as being frivolous so it aligns itself within the academy in ways that reduce its ability to be criticized and then begins to criticize dance that does not resemble it. It becomes a thing unto itself. an ecosystem for training and educating dancers and hiring teachers and choreographers and putting on productions. it survives when the world around it crumbles but it is stagnant. eventually it destroys itself and remakes itself anew. coming soon american idol and so you think you can dance on tour, when that happens the academy will follow

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