TO INVITE (sub)culturally diverse practices into dance scholarship

TO ENABLE agency to co-author the body-mind- ecology

TO BRIDGE divergent dance perspectives

VICKi’s Interactive Technique 2.0 is a highly experimental subject-centered approach to creating and discovering interactive performance techniques.


1. INTERACTIVE TECHNIQUE: real-time interaction with mediated environments.

2. SUSTAINABILITY: dancers (formal and informal) can afford class (see future)

3. DIVERSITY: 2.0-style bottom-up access to and authorship of class content

The dance field and what it can give the community will be stronger if it trickles up, enabling diverse appeal and thus economic sustainability.

Interactive Performance “technique 2.0” – What is it?

Traditional dance classes prepare you for the platform of auditioning, learning material set “on” you, and performing it. “technique 2.0” follows the web-2.0 paradigm – bottom-up creation paradigm – which is designed specifically for the interactive performance context. Read on… Traditional techniques give you patterns, assuming you’ll be in a context where you can use […]

Gamer Theory + VICKi

“Play does not inspire the game; the game animates play.” Wark [091] ~ VICKi’s It2 grants students the opportunity to shape their own games, to take agency in animating their creative artistic play ~ What is distinctive about games is that they produce for the gamer an intuitive relation to the algorithm.  (Wark, 030) * […]

Holistic Education + VICKi

Fritjof Capra: The Web of Life – A New Scientific Understanding of Living Systems (p.303-304) The flexibility of an ecosystem is a consequence of its multiple feedback loops, which tend to bring the system back into balance whenever ther is a deviation from the norm, due to changing environmental conditions. * VICKi will involve the […]

Interfaced Performance Phenomenology :~P

– Interfaced Performance Phenomenology is a playful undertaking of sociology and anthropology type stuff. WHAT ITS LIKE – Susan Kozel on her work with phenomenology – The purpose of this investigation is to come to achieve a critical practical awareness of the ins and outs of power dynamics, and our dynamic position with them. = […]

Analog vs. Digital points of debate

So, what is to worry about with dancers wearing blue tooth and using motion tracking to change the score?  What is to worry about with letting dancers stop to talk or vj lights / sound / media for each other? Golly, this sounds familiar… Is “being” a case of perception more so than of experience?  […]